Dips / Sauces

$14.00(350ml) | $18.00(500ml)

Home made israeli chickpea dip (GF/V)

$14.00(350ml) | $18.00(500ml)

Home made smoked eggplant dip (GF/V)

$14.00(350ml) | $18.00(500ml)

Home made moroccan tomato based salsa (GF/V)

$14.00(350ml) | $18.00(500ml)

Seasame seed paste mixed with garlic and lemon (GF/V)

Chilli Paste
$10.00 (100ml)

Home made schug

$10.00 (350ml)

Pickled mango

Classic Salads

Israei Salad
$19.50(1L) | $38.00(2L)

Tomatoes, cucumbers and spanish onion.

$19.50(1L) | $38.00(2L)

Tomatoes, cucumbers, spanish onion, parsley and couscous.

Red Cabbage in Mayo
$19.50(1L) | $38.00(2L)

Red cabbage, mayo, salt and pepper.

Pickled Cabbage
$19.50(1L) | $38.00(2L)

White cabbage served in a pickled lemon dressing.

Meat (Chicken Shawarma/Moroccan Meatballs/Chicken Schnitzel)

5 servings of Chicken Shawarma
5 servings of Moroccan Meatballs
5 servings of Chicken Schnitzel
10 servings of Chicken Shawarma
10 servings of Moroccan Meatballs
10 servings of Chicken Schnitzel
*150g per serve of Chicken or a fillet of Schnitzel


25 Balls


50 Balls


100 Balls



Fries (Serve size – Regular Cup) 5 Serves
Fries (Serve size – Regular Cup) 10 Serves
Pickles 350ml
Pickles 500 ml
Pita Bread (Each)

Please note

Minimum order $100

Orders need to be placed at least 2 days prior to the required date.

Delivery fee applies depending on area and size of order.

Payment method: Cash/EFT/Credit Card (Surcharge apply).

Orders must be paid in full 24 hours prior to date required.

Pickups are only available during shops operating hours.

Please let us know about any allergy or food intolerance that you may have.

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